French Food

Traditional dishes of France

Traditional French dishes

It is difficult to argue with the sophistication and versatility of French cuisine. Each historical region of France has its own traditional dishes, the recipes of which have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Below are the most famous French dishes that you can try in the best restaurants in Paris

Soups French cuisine Onion soup—soupe à l’oignon gratinée

One of the most popular dishes of French cuisine among foreigners is thick onion soup. The rich flavor of this dish is given not by chicken or meat broth, on which it is prepared, but by passaged onions. For piquancy, dry white wine, cognac or sherry are added to the almost ready soup.When serving, the dish is often supplemented with hard cheese and browned croutons of white bread. Any French restaurant offers its visitors a flavorful onion soup, but every chef has their own secrets of cooking this simple dish.


Another famous French soup with scallops, mussels and crabs is Bouillabaisse. This dish, invented by Marseilles fishermen, is traditionally prepared without adding potatoes. To prepare Bouillabaisse, fillets of sea rooster, sunfish, sea Scorpion and other varieties of local fish are used. It is believed that the more types of fish included in the dish, the better and richer the broth.
Bouillabaisse is usually served in high plates with garlic Rowley sauce and fresh crusty bread or toast. White wine is perfect for this fish soup.



Cassoulet is a thick soup that is prepared in a special clay pot-casserole. Preparing a dish of beans, meat and herbs. Meat can be either pork or lamb, as cassoulet is prepared from goose or duck meat.


Consomme in France is called clarified broth based on chicken or beef. Today, consomme is richly salted and served with a pie , prepare d o n th e basi s o f mince d mea t from the declared types of meat.


Vichisoise-cold onion soup-puree, which is used for cooking several varieties of onions, including leeks- a mandatory ingredient of the soup. To prepare the dish, the onion is fried with potatoes in butter, after which the vegetables are left to stew in chicken broth. Before serving, the soup is whipped with cream until pureed. The soup is served with a salad of toasted prawns with dill. You can add crackers.

Second courses of French cuisine

Rooster or chicken in wine - coq au vin

In French cuisine, there are many recipes for chicken meat with wine, but the classic is considered to be a rooster in wine with Burgundy wine. A real dish requires a rooster, but in modern conditions they are often replaced with chickens. The whole chicken carcass is rubbed with herbs and spices and simmered with alcohol. Garnish with chicken in wine can add potatoes with parsley or green vegetables. The dish goes well with red wines "Beaujolais" or "Cote du Rhone".


A light vegetable dish originally from nice and Provence is popular all over the world. French Ratatouille is prepared on the basis of eggplants, zucchini, potatoes, peppers, onions with the addition of tomato, garlic and Provencal herbs. The main secret of cooking this dish is that all the ingredients need to be fried separately and only then stew together.Ratatouille can be served either independently or as a side dish for main meat dishes. The dish, once invented by poor French peasants, is now in great demand in French restaurants.



For those who like meat dishes of French cuisine, we recommend trying this dish. At its core, Potofe is a second course with the presence of broth, so it is often called a " two-in-one "dish.

Cook pot-AU-FEU of beef, vegetables and seasonings. The essence of cooking-inexpensive parts of meat that do not boil during prolonged cooking, as well as cartilage parts are laid in the pot along with a variety of vegetables – carrots, onions, turnips, potatoes, celery, cabbage, mushrooms – the choice of vegetables is not regulated, seasonings are added and the pot is put on fire. Prolonged cooking contributes to the transfer of taste qualities of products. When serving, the broth is served separately-the vegetables separately. The broth is often added vermicelli or rice, perhaps adding croutons-fried crackers. Vegetables are served with sauces such as Dijon mustard, horseradish, and coarse salt. Sometimes you can find when serving pickles, mayonnaise.

Pot-AU-FEU in France is an inexpensive family dish of home cooking. However, due to the long cooking pot-AU-FEU, prefer to eat in restaurants.

Bœuf bourguignon

The second name of the dish is beef in Burgundy. It is prepared from lightly fried and then stewed pieces of beef in a thick sauce of beef broth and wine with the addition of garlic, onions, carrots, mushrooms. Serve BEF Bourguignon with mashed potatoes or rice.

French delicacies


les truffes 

The refined taste of truffles perfectly complements almost all dishes of French cuisine. Experienced cooks recommend combining this delicacy with products that do not have their own pronounced taste. The French cook and cook Perigord black truffles for a couple, preferring to combine them with eggs, potatoes, meat dishes, pates and salads. Many dishes are only "flavored" with truffles: the ingredients are placed directly next to the delicious mushrooms before cooking.

When choosing wine for truffle dishes, you should pay attention to the white wines "Burgundy Grand CRU" or "Meursault", from the red ones – to the classic "Bordeaux".

Foie gras 

Delicate foie Gras is the pride of French cuisine. This dish is prepared from the fat liver of a specially fattened goose or duck. For foie Gras, only the freshest liver is used. Most often, it is prepared by slicing and frying until crisp in olive oil. Another common method of cooking foie Gras: goose liver is marinated with spices, pepper and salt, very often truffles and Madeira are added to it. All this languishes for about an hour in the oven or stew in a pan with a thick bottom.

Traditionally, foie Gras is served with mushrooms, salad, baked apples, sweet and sour berries. This delicious dish is perfectly combined with dry white wine, champagne and Calvados.

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